CASH IS KING! According to the agent, there were MUCH higher offers, but they were all financed. That is how we were able to obtain this perfectly sized home in a family-oriented city. It’s pretty obvious why there were so MANY offers on this home, its because this home is in a world of its own. There are literally ZERO active homes for sale within a 1-mile radius over 1,450 square feet. With zero competition, you are in the driver seat to really make a big splash in the profit department. It also helps that this home has newer windows, newer garage door, great stucco work, perfect block wall surrounding the home and a nice concrete pad with an outdoor fireplace! This home truly has it all, especially with the fact that it has 2 bedrooms downstairs, which allows for a multi-generation family to live more than comfortably. With all these factors and not a true flip in the area, you have the opportunity to set the bar high, and with a home around the corner that almost sold for 1.3 million, shows you that this area is in high demand, doesn’t matter the price point. If you are wondering if you are getting a good deal, check out this fact: there is only 1 home within the last 6 months that sold for less than the purchase price and that home is 500 square feet smaller. So clearly you are getting a great deal, come on down and take a look at your next project! Call 714.441.1303 for pricing and details. #TeamINCredible

Property Features

  • Extra Storage
  • Outdoor Fireplace
  • Private Patio

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