This entry level home is a gem waiting to be polished up for a great return on your investment. With 1,030 square feet to work with, a 3bedroom 2 bathroom is not far-fetched to reconfigure within the existing square footage. Located in Wilshire Square on a tree-lined street, this home is surrounded by unique estates that make this neighborhood stand out! With a price point in the 400’s, entry level is definitely the definition of this home and as we all know, these are the type of homes that sell the quickest. With an expansive backyard a detached garage and long driveway, this home has everything you need to make it a true winner. Especially because in the last 6 months this is the lowest priced home over 1,000 square feet except for 1 other. So clearly you are getting a GREAT deal.  Call 714.441.1303 for pricing and details. #TeamINCredible

Property Features

  • Culdesac Home
  • Detached Garage
  • Entry-Level
  • Tree-Lined Street
  • Tudor Style Home

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