When people can’t afford to live in the Jefferson Parks and Leimert Parks of the world, they come and move a little more down the road to Vermont Square where the HOTTEST zip code of 90062 is in HIGH DEMAND. With demand continuously increasing in Los Angeles, buyers are getting priced out of the market left and right and are now moving into areas such as Vermont Park because it is still affordable. Just a few miles away from USC, this beautiful craftsman is just waiting to be dolled up into one of the area’s finest. With only a very small amount of properties (2) active on the market within a mile radius of our subject under 475k, it goes to show that demand/prices are soaring in this neighborhood. Not only that, but this cute craftsman is only 1,172 sq ft making this project a quick fix and flip. Call 714.441.1303 for pricing and details. #TeamINCredible

Property Features

  • Conveniently Located
  • Craftsman
  • Fruit Trees

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