An immense amount of potential with this gorgeous Laguna Beach property with VIEWS!











We are excited to bring you this wonderful opportunity in Arch Beach Heights, Laguna Beach. Catalina views, Laguna Beach dreams, and a successful project. What more can you ask for? Maybe all the facts to prove those statements, well here you go! The first thing you must look at is the lot size, most comparables have half the lot size. Also, there are ZERO homes listed within a mile’s radius with over 1,200 square footage for a lesser price. ZERO, ZILCH, NADA, NONE. Square footage in Laguna Beach comes at a premium, so the fact that this home is already 2,000 square feet is a huge plus. No need to try to add on, just a simple fix & flip and you will be out of here in no time! The previous owner has some personal issues and needs to liquidate ASAP, so let’s take advantage of the opportunity and cash in on a very high ROI. Call (714) 441-1303 for pricing and details. #TeamINCredible 

Property Features

  • Fireplace
  • Incredible Views
  • Investor Opportunity

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